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My Life as a Phone Mommy
Hello my sweetie's!!!!

I have been here in a very long time. A lot has changed its been about a yr so hear goes. I no longer sing country music. I changed direction and now i'm singing more of an indie sound. Well i guess thats really the only thing thats changed lol. I've been super busy trying to find the right band members i think i finally got it right tho. Oh i got a new kitty he is the sweetest little thing ever. Hes always following me around and sitting on my chest all the time. Hes such a lover!!!His name is Pussy Paul or double P.

well i hope all my abies are doing good.....i miss u all so much.


call me at

1 888 938-7382

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I adore my babies, even when they make messes.
I love my little ones, even when they ask too many questions.
I love my abies, even whn when they wet their diapies.

I also loved ab/dl people but never on any sort of affectionate level. But now I am becoming more and more of the kind mommy I want to be. I am having so much fun. I have so many pictures and links that I want to share but I have to sit down and take some time soon.

So cheers and happy Memorial Day to the most darling group of abies and DLs ever.


Mommy Star


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I do right now.  Nobody is awake in this town but me.  The wind blows against my window and I just don't feel safe.  Even the dog at my feet is fast asleep.  There is nobody but me.

And you know what?  I am scared.  Just enough to make me clutch the covers under my chin.  Something in my world feels a little off balance.  Something is making me feel as though I am being watching.  Someone has made me feel this way.  I wish I could tell you who.

I clutch my thoughts of you close to my heart.  I need to feel safe, protected, loved.   Thank you for playing games with me.  Thank you for showing me my lighter side.  Thank you for, just one moment, making me feel unafraid.

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I can't sleep. I just had a long call with a new Abie and it made me kind of sad. I like being a playful mommy and I love the sweet babies I have been encountering. It's hard for me to be mean but I do what's best.

Next week is Mother's Day and also my puppy's birthday. So I am throwing him a little party with the food being bacon, meatballs and chicken fingers. I am afraid to feed him puppy food because of the recalls. I don't know what I would do if he ever got sick. He keeps me company every night and he is always waiting for me when I get home. And he is SO sweet and quiet. I love him.   Maybe I will put a picture of him up here if people want to see him.  

So I suppose I should try to sleep so I don't fall asleep while answering phones tomorrow because that would be bad.  That call tonight was just exhausting.

Good night my sweet babies and I wish you the greatest week ever.

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     It's Saturday and I am not feeling too well.   Luckily, I got to spend some time chatting with my lil sweeties in the chat room at www.phoneamommy.com!

     This next week is going to be crazy.  I have to work, spend time with my Abies, and work on my pipes.  I want to audition for a new band soon.  Maybe I will get my big break.  Keep your fingers crossed.

     I have been checking out the postings on the Age Play nursery and found out about Bambino's adult diapers.  They are pretty new and kinda pricey but they are designer and supposedly super awesome.  The Web site is bambinodiapers.com.  Check it out!

    You can also take a look at the Age Play Nursery at
http://community.livejournal.com/ageplay_nursery/.  It has some interesting stuff and is also a good forum to find information. 

     So tonight I am going to curl up with my puppy and get some sleep.  I'll write more very very soon.

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